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2011-06-06 00:57:48 by Riccowed

I am Ricco. This is my Newgrounds Account. I really enjoy playing games when I have the time. I found out this is the perfect website which I go on now and then. I really enjoy this website so I really think I will stay at this website for a long time.

A shout out to Tom Fulp...

Tom Fulp I just want to say well done on making this awesome website!


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2011-06-06 10:21:47

Very nice! I hope to see you upload some of your music.


2011-06-07 11:29:42

Welcome to Newgrounds. :)

Riccowed responds:

Thank you this is very cool!


2012-11-27 00:59:54

My response is very late but welcome to newgrounds :3 .


2016-02-05 12:37:23

Hey, a bit late, but welcome to NG too! ;) It's a great place.